Our Staff

Kim Fogel, LPN

Kim Fogel is the Clinical Supervisor at Vascular Interventional & Vein Associates. Kim joined Dr. Ramdev as soon as he opened his practice in Vero Beach Florida in October 2008 and has been instrumental in helping Dr. Ramdev run the clinical side of his practice.

Kim started as a surgery scheduler, prepared patients for their in-office varicose vein procedures, helped with patient visits, scheduling and much more. Over the years Kim’s depth of knowledge, exceptional work ethic, loyalty, and dedication to patient care earned her a position as Clinical Supervisor which, in addition to her existing work, includes managing the clinical side of Dr. Ramdev’s Office Based Surgery Suite.


David M. Lurry, CSFA

David M. Lurry is a Certified Surgical First Assistant at Vascular Interventional & Vein Associates. David joined the practice in 2016 after working for 18 years at Indian River Medical Center in Vero Beach, Florida assisting numerous surgeons including Dr. Ramdev in the operating room. In addition to helping Dr. Ramdev with surgeries and in-office varicose vein procedures, David helps the surgeon prepare patients, and conduct surgeries in the Office Based Surgery Center. David is also in charge of medical device inventory management and quality control in our center.

Dr. Ramdev trusts and appreciates David’s extensive knowledge and skills. David’s meticulous attention to detail and experience add a valuable contribution to the to the quality of care patients receive at our practice.


Michael I. Himes, PA-C

Michael I. Himes is a nationally certified Physician Assistant at Vascular Interventional & Vein Associates and joined the practice in 2017. Michael received his Master of Clinical Medical Science Physician Assistant Certification from Barry University in Florida and is specialized in vascular surgery.

Michael’s extensive prior work experience in the medical field, his strong work ethic, pleasant bedside manner, clinical and surgical skills make him an asset to our patients. Michael has a strong working relationship with Dr. Ramdev assisting him with all aspects of patient care, as well as assisting during surgeries in the office and hospital settings.

Michael is also certified in performing spider vein procedures and has developed a loyal client base. Michael conducts his work with passion and dedication, never losing sight of what is in a patient’s best interest.

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