"After twenty-plus years working on your feet, you’re apt to get spider veins, so it was time to get treated, to make my legs prettier.

When you’re searching for a referral, you look for a common denominator, and time after time Dr. Ramdev’s name came up as the premier vascular surgeon of the Treasure Coast. They offer free evaluations for both spider veins and varicose veins and I had a screening.

As a cancer survivor, I now have an aversion to any doctor’s office so I was a bit nervous. I’m a father of two, and I can’t take chances or fool around when it comes to health issues. But thanks to the welcoming staff at Vascular Interventional and Vein Associates, once I got there I felt very good about it.

I chose Dr. Ramdev’s office based solely on his reputation and it paid off for me. It was easy, it was painless, and I can’t say enough good things about Robyn and the practice."

- Mark R. (Hairstylist/Owner of Mark's At The Pointe Salon & Boutique)

"I’m very active in the community. I am involved in volunteering as a server for many dinner functions through a nonprofit community group. I’m also a member of a sewing and quilting group, which requires a lot of standing to cut fabric and organize the project, and my husband and I do a lot of walking together.

Since the age of 28, my left leg had been bothering me. It felt heavy, and some days it would throb, especially on hot summer days. Then large veins began protruding, and my spider veins were becoming worse. I knew I had to see someone and my primary care physician had some copies of Florida Health Care News in her office. I read an article about Dr. Ramdev.

I’m originally from Massachusetts and was impressed that he had been at Harvard. In fact, his credentials were the reason I scheduled an appointment with him.

Robyn is wonderful to work with. She is absolutely wonderful. She takes her time with every patient, yet works consistently to accomplish as much in a given time frame as possible. I didn’t feel a thing during the procedure, but it does a wonderful job.

I’m very happy with my results and I enjoyed working with the entire staff. Dr. Ramdev is both friendly and informative, and the staff in the front office is very informed. They really take care of their patients. They have answered every question I’ve ever had.

My leg doesn’t hurt anymore, and the spider veins are disappearing with every treatment. It’s all helped me tremendously."

- Elizabeth C.

"Many, thanks for convincing my husband the procedure would be successful. He is well and is looking forward to our sharing many years together."

- J.Z.

"Thank you for your medical competence. You reassured me about my veins and legs and overall physical health."

- J.C.

"Thank you to my husband's wonderful surgeon, Dr. Ramdev and his assistant Robyn Ronzio and staff. When my husband found out he had an aneurysm, he wasn't a happy man because he didn't know what would happen. We want to thank you, Dr. Ramdev, for your wonderful God gifted hands. You are a great doctor."

- M.K.

"God has given you a special gift. My hope for you is that you always have great compassion and humility. Thank you!"

- L.B.

"Thank you for seeing me regarding my abdominal aortic aneurysm. I am grateful for your explaining the aspects of my aneurysm that were worrisome to me. I am also grateful for your office staff who were so helpful. "

- B.M.

"My mother has been in the hospital and has repeatedly talked about you and the time that you took to explain things to her in a way that helped her understand her health and her situation. Your kindness and patience truly made a difference and I am very grateful to you."

- C.G.

" Dr. Ramdev performed a varicose vein procedure. Everything was wonderful and the staff was very helpful. It was quick and I had very little pain. I was even back to work the next day. My leg looks and feels great so I decided to have the other leg treated as well."

- Lynn

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